Wonder Woman is doing its wonders in theater now. It is making some records like the highest grossing movie for a female director and one of the most successful superhero debut movie. But a big question might be on everyone’s mind. Will Wonder Woman  be seen on Netflix on near future? We are here to give you our answer.

Wonder Woman

Netflix doesn’t hold licensing to stream most of the DC movies and series. In fact, all around the world, Netflix is not streaming any of the new generations DC movies. For this reason, there are almost no real chances for Wonder Woman to stream on Netflix in near future. It is also highly unlikely because Netflix is more inclined to the Marvel’s set of superheroes where it produces the shows and has theatrical rights for its movies as seen from the streaming of Doctor Strange and Captain America: Civil War coming to Netflix.


So, hard luck guys. Grab the DVD when it’s available or go to the theaters right now to get your sight on the dazzling Gal Gadot playing the awesome Wonder Woman.