Will “Dogs” Season 2 Release on Netflix?

Dogs do speak, but only to those who knows how to listen   – Orhan Pamuk

Netflix’s Dogs Season 1 Review: Must Watch Master Piece

Six stories of never-ending true love shown by humans for their best animal friend “Dogs” is one of the most loved and most appreciated series of documentaries produced and directed by Amy Berg on Netflix Network. The documentary is the Netflix Original series-documentary which tells the entire human race the real meaning of love for animals. The documentary consists of 6 episodes in its first season. Each episode has the meaningful and heart touching story which describes and shows the true love, care and affection one has for their most loved pets. But don’t worry it’s not a sad story, however we can’t deny you won’t cry! as explained by Bustle.

Story Behind Netflix “Dogs”

These are not the kind of stories you usually find in dog-filled Instagram feeds but instead “Dogs” is a lovely and a rare kind of show that invites you to trust it and later it doesn’t burn when you do so.

Episode 1: The Kid with a Dog

A young girl named Cornie suffering from epilepsy starts bonding with her service dog named Rory which is trained to detect collapse, gives a hope of being cured.

netflix dog the kid with a dog
Courtesy of Netflix

Episode 2: Bravo, Zeus

A Syrian refugee makes dangerous plan with his loyal friends to smuggle his best friend, his cherished husky Zeus out of Damascus.

bravo zeus netflix dogs
Courtesy of Netflix

Episode 3: Ice on the Water

Alessandro, a fisherman in a small town of Lake Como is joined by his partner, Ice, a 10 years old Labrador as they get ready for their upcoming tourist journey and season.

Episode 4: Scissors Down

The following episode which was set in Japan and United States, looks at human’s best relationship with their dogs in Japan. Users will also see two well-known dog groomers compete in as competition.

Episode 5: Territorio de Zeguates

Territorio de Zeguates is a shelter deep in the Costa Rica rainforest that is home to thousands of dogs, those dogs that are saved and protected from streets. Being low on resources Alvaro and Lya put their lives on the line to give shelter to thousands of dogs abandoned in Costa Rica.

Episode 6: Second Chances:

The following episode gives a light to New York City’s adoption chain where there are more dogs than people. Advocate Anna drives dozens of dogs to New York adopter from Texas shelter who is also a devoted dog adoption advocate.

netflix dog second chance
Courtesy of Netflix

IMDb rating: 8.4 out of 10

Rotten tomatoes rating: 92%

On Aired: 16th November 2018

Which are the best episodes in Documented Series of Netflix’s “Dogs”?

Let’s be clear, by saying any episode to be best in the splendid series of Netflix Dogs, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t watch other episodes. If every episode is measured in terms of how much you will cry rather than ratings then, check here for the best episodes. 

 which are best dogs in the Netflix Dogs? 

Will Netflix come up with Second Season Of Documented Series of “Dogs”?

Netflix hasn’t yet confirmed about the release date of the second series. Since the series is recently released, so Netflix is probably collecting and analyzing the results of the series which may take a little bit of time for them to come up with second series.  As the series is getting good rating and is loved by the audience very much, Netflix may come up with more heart touching and wonderful stories of series in 2019.

You can watch the trailer below: