South Side
Image Courtesy Comedy Central
South Side
Image Courtesy Comedy Central

Comedy Central top comic shows, South Side is the most amazing and funniest show to ever exist. Based on the story of the two graduates, trying to establish themselves on the business line. With the authentic characters and real perspective, the series is of popcorn games, with silly kind of humor. The series starts with slow pace with lot of interesting stuffs in it.

South Side Story Line:

Simon and Kareme move on from junior college. But they’re actually stuck in their impasse occupations repossessing furniture for Rent-T-Own. Simon and Kareme are picked by Uncle Spike to sell erectile dysfunction pills. Official Turner’s dad requests that she contend in a spade competition, and Simon learns the moves for stepping. Meanwhile, Officers Goodnight experiences issues watching the South Side. Officer Turner is at chances with a social equality symbol who ends up living in her recently gained assembling. In the meantime, Simon and Kareme take a shot at selling road popcorn.

Officer Turner and Goodnight watch a store that is selling Jordan tennis shoes. Then, Simon and Kareme attempt to recuperate a PC that has Kareme’s science fiction novel on it. Simon and Kareme put resources into another cryptographic money called Litcoin, and Officer Goodnight shoots himself in the foot. As the business eases back down, Kareem and Quincy keep their spirits high by contending to see who can repossess the most in one day. Simon and Kareem crash a grill.

In the interim, Officer Turner gets another hairpiece to intrigue her old secondary school classmates. Kareme gives the Rent-T-Own another flavor with his delicious gentle sauce meatballs, while Allen attempts frantically to dazzle the Heirs of Madagascar social club. Two companions and hopeful investors who just moved on from junior college are prepared to assume control over the world, yet they should work at a lease to-claim store in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood up to that point.

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General Information of the Series:

Stars: Sultan Salahuddin, Chandra Russell, Kareme Young, Diallo Riddle
Created By: Bashir Salahuddin, Diallo Riddle
Release Date:24th July, 2019
IMDb Rating: 7.7 out of 10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 100%

South Side Season 2 Release Date:

HBO Max and Comedy Central confirms officially about the release of second season of South Side. The Season 2 of the series is in final stage. The series will premier its episodes from September 15 of 2021.

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