dark season 3
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When will Season 4 of Dark be released to Netflix?

The dense time traveling and peculiarly fascinating space traveling show has given its twist to the paradoxes of time travel. The unique use of 33 years’ interval in the small German town of Winden grabs our attention to the most and makes us sit with a paper and a pen whilst watching the series. Be it Jonas, Martha, Adam, or Ulrich- the intertwining family trees keep us hooked with the show.

Netflix’s Dark gained popularity like a creeper with growing followers each season. After the release of season three, people have been wanting to know whether or not this is the end of this series, and whether or not we’d see Jonas Khanwald on screen again.

In May 2019, when it was few months before the second season was released, the creator of this show Baran do Odar confirmed that the final season of Dark was given a green-light. From the ending we got and no statements made, there are speculations flowing around that this very season (season 3) is the last one for the hit Netflix show Dark and there would be no following seasons. For now, it seems there will be no Season 4 of Netflix’s Dark.

Netflix’s Dark Season 3 Ending Explained.

dark season 3
courtesy : Netflix

In the 8th episode of season 4, Jonas looks at Martha and says “it’s a bit complicated to explain”. Well, truth be told, none of us felt that was overstated.

The series itself if a mind-boggling one and the plots, subplots all intertwined in an ever-repeating knot within various timelines and the ever so twisted family trees make it difficult for us to grasp Netflix’s Dark altogether.

The season end starts off with Adam being approached by Claudia. He asks her whether or not the interactions had been before- the meeting of Claudia and Adam on any other loops. To that Claudia replies this was the very first time it had happened. She explains to Adam that the knot tying both Adam’s World and Eve’s World is always kept intact no matter the things he does be it killing Martha and their child or any other acts. The knot was kept strong and unbroken.

Claudia with the only motive of not letting her daughter die off of cancer had spent 33 years across both Eva’s world and Adam’s world. She tried to end the loop in those times. But after much of incidents and consequences, she realizes it is not possible and everything is made to repeat in one way or another.

Now Adam is introduced to the origin world. Claudia explains that both Adam’s world (The one we’d seen from the very first season), and Eve’s world (the mirror world or the parallel world, without Jonas’ existence) is a mistake. They were created as a result of HG Tannhaus’(the watchmaker) experiment in the third world- which is the ‘origin world’ and is the only one that should have existed. But because those worlds were created off of the origin world at the same time, they were connected in a never-ending time loop. Claudia explains that if the time machine wasn’t invented in the very first place, the worlds would never exist and they could make everything right.

And there’s a catch in all this. During the much-feared apocalypse, time is still together with space for a brief period of time. The time is free from the constraints of cause and effect. Using that very particular moment, the very loophole, Claudia is there with Adam at that end moment and asks Adam to send Jonas from his world and Martha from Eve’s world to the origin world during to the time of formation of those two worlds- that is before the time when HG Tannhaus makes the time machine and stop it from happening. This is to take place just around apocalypse so as the chain of cause and effect is broken. She also hints that both Adam’s world and Eve’s world would be wiped off and all those crooked timelines would be wiped away, together with a twisted family tree. Only those with true origin would remain in the original world.

Then we see the place we’d already seen. Right before the apocalypse in Adam’s world, just after the Martha from his world has been shot. Adam explains to Jonas, his younger self that the only way everything could stop, the only way Jonas would not become Adam is if he stops the worlds from their creation itself. Jonas then travels to Martha’s world and gets her right before Franziska and Magnus take her away. If he had not, the loop would have repeated itself.

Then we move on to a completely different day- the origin we’d all been told about since the very first season. The day when it all began- June 21st, 1986 in the origin world. Jonas from Adam’s world and Martha from Eve’s world travel to the very date. He explains to Martha how HG Tannhaus was attempting to travel back in time so that the car crash was prevented and his family remained unharmed. Then we see a bridge between three worlds being created, where both Jonas and Martha walk away separately in starry tunnel. Martha sees the younger version of Jonas and Jonas sees the younger version of Martha through the tunnel.

They both walk their own ways and bump into one another and then step into the origin world. They then stop the car of Tannhaus’ son and ask him to turn around because the bridge was closed. He agrees to them with much of a fuss and returns to his home with his wife and daughter. They get back home, they never get into the car crash, Tannhaus never makes time machine and the two offspring worlds are not created and thus everything is back to the normal.  
We can then see Jonas and Martha, Adam and Eve, and Jonas in different timelines disappearing from those times, and in the end, we see the original rooted characters, enjoying the hearty dinner.

No character with a twisted background is seen in the end scene, although the subconscious of Jonas’ mother working up can be seen.