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Netflix has come up with another mind-blowing German suspense drama series “Perfume” where things does not seem to happen as expected. After a release of German series “Dark, Your Next Must Watch”, loved very much by the audience all over the world, Netflix recently released another new German series “Perfume”. This series is based on crime drama and thriller. Netflix is providing back to back best hit shows and dramas from different countries to its audience.

Netflix’s Perfume Season 1 Plot

The new series Perfume is a Netflix Original German series which shift the action to modern day manipulating people through scent as a leaping-off point. The series is not completely an adaptation of Patrick Sueskind novel “Perfume” but is just loosely inspired by its ideas. The suspense thriller series “Perfume” is packed with dark atmospheres, detective stories with twists and unsettling character making the series brilliant piece of art.

A young profiler who is investigating a series of brutal murders traces marks back to small group of boys at a boarding school who experimented with manipulating people using human scents. The series also reveals to what human extent can go to get her or his love. The series does not take the viewers by the hand or delivers evidences piece by piece. The series has a rather different and unusual way of presenting the story.

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The series “Perfume” also describes about another different cold, sad and misty world where everyone has something to hide. It only takes two episodes for you to get fully absorbed in the complex story of love, lust, hatred, betrayal and friendship. All the characters in the series are lost and they seem to lose their ground beneath their feet. The creators of the series took a serious observation of all the aspects and brought up this with unique concepts.

Created By: Oliver Berben, Sarah Kirkegaard

Stars: Friederike Becht, Natalia Belitsji, August Diehl

Released Date: 14th November 2018 (Germany)

Online Streamed From: 21st December 2018 in all other countries where Netflix Service is available.

Number of Season: 1

IMDb Rating: 6.9 out of 10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: No ratings till date

When will Netflix release season 2 of thriller drama series “Perfume”?

Till date, no any official announcement has been made for the renewal of second season of thriller packed suspense drama series “Perfume”. Since the first season was available from 21st December for online streaming, Netflix would certainly wait for the response from the users. Netflix will certainly take time for gathering review and response from its audience and then come up whether to renew “Perfume” for second season or not. If the release is to be made for season 2, Netflix will surely follow the same pattern as of season 1 releasing the series within November or December of 2019.

What to expect in Second Season of series “Perfume”?

In the second season, the series is likely to follow the continuous narration that was set in first season with the mystery surrounding a young singer’s death cheating detectives. The series may also provide clues about the killer of the singer in the upcoming season with proper endings.

Is the series based on the “Perfume” movie which was based on novel by Patrick Sueskind?

The series is not completely based on the movie or the novel by Patrick Sueskind. The series is just based on loose ideas from the novel. So, few part may be similar or can match with the movie. But the rest part has many new things and dramas.

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