castlevania season 1
Courtesy of Netflix

Season 1 Story line:

The video game inspired medieval series is the story of the vampire hunter. The hunter fights to save the Eastern Europe from the armies of creatures which is controlled by Dracula.

Season 1 Overall Conclusion:

First season of the series having only four episodes has lots of dark humor in it. The potentially strong kinetic and lively anime series has the simple story of the video game making an interesting narrative. The series also collects the truth for great drama and puts the bunch of shiny and glowing violence on the top. Castlevania is filled with both symbolic visualization of gothic and stunning violence, focused mainly for teens and adults who are particularly gamers.

The dramatic progression sequence is all well handed and serve their purpose and the humor will catch the viewers unprepared again and again. Series filled with presentation, well fascinating characters and a healthy dose of the lurid, the series clearly proves an exciting tale for adaptation.

Season 2 Overall Conclusion:

After the successful first season of Castlevania, the series continuously provides exciting and fantastic drama to the viewers in its second season. The second season of the series also marks a big evolution in the scope of pacing. Enslaving humanity and basically keeping them as the chew toys and juice boxes makes the series the best adaptation of the video game series.

castlevania season 2
Courtesy of Netflix

Second season of the series promises more blood and gore. The series sets a new gold standard for game adaptation with untouchable height of pacing. Second season is very well written with characters all competent and are based on actual game with a slight twist. With more episodes, the series is more mythological and more sharply written with political intrigue and social commentary. Season 2 adds the sword too long giving the perfect balance to the show.

Produced By: Warren Ellis

Stars: Richard Armitage, Graham McTavish, Matt Frewer

Season 1 Release Date: 7th July 2017

Number of Episodes of Season 1: 4

Season 2 Release Date: 26th October 2018

Number of Episodes of Second 2: 8

IMDb Rating for Season 1: 8.2 out 10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating for Season 1: 80%

IMDb Rating for Season 2: 8.2 out 10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating for Season 2: 100%

Will Netflix Release Castlevania Season 3?

Official statement has been confirmed from Netflix about the release of third season, but no release date has been confirmed. But Richard Armitage, the one giving the voice to Trevor Belmont, officially told to Digital Spy that “The third season has been given the green light”. Also, in an exclusive talk to Digital Spy in June, Armitage told” We are about to record a third season. Although, second season has not been aired yet, we are about to do a third season.”

Also, Deadline reported on 31st October that “A 10-episode Third Season was officially ordered by Netflix”. In an interview published on November 16 by IGN, Shankar doubled down on Third Season Confirmation. Netflix went on to officially announce the renewal in the wake of season two’s release. The news of 10 new episodes came courtesy of Vlad Dracula Țepeș on Twitter.

The Third Season of the series is supposed be available from either June or October of 2019.

Who and What will be in the Third Season?

The last living member of the Belmont clan “Trevor Belmont” a monster hunter. Also, Vlad Dracula Tepes will be there to take revenge on humanity after his wife’s death. Dracula in the new season may be joined by his army who are wanting to destroy the Wallachian. Also, Adetokumboh M’Cormack may be returning as Issaac, Stormare as Godbrand and James as Hector.