When Will “Magic for Humans” season 2 return on Netflix?


Magic is something that happens with us, not to us. Magic for Human is a Netflix’s street magic series that mixes illusion with humor that has many languages describing about the things and unsolved mystery part of our life. This makes the show more rewarding experience. Illusionist Justin William attempts to answer the questions of life by showing his magic and surprising people by his magic tricks.

The fun series obviously have the combination of magic tricks and experiments. Also, it has the mixture of joy, happiness and surprise that is seen through people reaction by making them stunned into silence to overjoy into happiness.

Funny short clip of invisibility from Magic For Humans Season 1:

Cast: Justin William

IMDb rating:7.4/10

Tomato meter Rating: 65%

Premiered Date: Aug 17,2018

Number of Episodes: 6

When Will “Magic for Humans” Season 2 Return on Netflix?

Yes, Magic for Humans season 2 will be returning on the largest streaming Giant “Netflix”. Netflix recently have added a short promoting video of season 2 episodes which confirms the return of Magic for Humans season 2. Also, in its promo video Netflix have confirmed that the second season of Magic for Humans will be released in the holidays in 2019.

You can watch the announcement video below:


How Real Is ‘Magic For Humans’?

This is an interesting question for most of us, as there are cameras involved in the show. However, Justin William promises that there is no editing behind the scene. It’s all real and they are the real people.

But there are lot of discussions going across the web portal like reddit where users are stating about camera angle switches, fake camera shakes etc. On the contrary, bustle explains those trick don’t rely on fancy camera works. So you can choose whether to believe it or not.