hilda season 2 release date on netflix

Hilda, a charming and utterly brilliant show on Netflix with fabulous British accent that has been very popular with its audience, proved as a brilliant animated show with its Season 1 presentation. What’s so good about Hilda? It is filled with great animation full of gorgeous visuals that brings the world to life with a wonderful soundtrack and great characters.

Hilda is now becoming one of the most loved animated and dramatic series that presents the story of fairy tales with brilliantly voiced story of friendships, changes and mythical beasts. This series belongs to those type of series which is relatable to human nature in many ways in real life.

A truly entertaining show from the Luke Pearson that relies on story telling with clean visual direction. A story with enough emotional lifts to absorb all the attention and interest of you and make you want to spend more time with the characters.

Hilda Season 1 Short Review

From following the adventure of a vast magical wilderness full of elves and giants, to the bustling city of Trolberg, from having deep friendship with spiritual creatures and giants to the unknown strange children of Trolberg, from the unimaginable vast and boundless forest to the big bounded walls of Trolberg, to uncover a coven of the girls capable of manipulating dreams first season of Hilda was amongst  the highest rated debut season of any Netflix original so far in 2018.

The first season was full of excitement and many unanswered questions. The series in its First season had 13 Chapters which were covered from the books like “Hilda and The Troll”, “Hilda and Midnight Giant”, “Hilda and Bird Parade”, “Hilda and The Black Hound”.

When will Hilda Season 2 be on Netflix?

At the NY Comic Con event, it was officially announced that the second season of the series Hilda will be released in 2019. For second series, the chapters for the story are taken from two novels “Hilda and The Stone Forest” and “Hilda and The Mountain King”.

Season 2 is supposed to be full of adventures, exploring and discovering many new things about Hilda, her father and her grand-father. Also season 2 is supposed to give answers to many unanswered and mysterious questions that arises from first season.

Will Bela Ramsey return for season 2 and give her voice to Hilda?

As from the news by NY Comic Con and Bella Ramsey, Bella Ramsey who is without any question the main highlight of the show will return for the second season and without any doubt will give her voice to Hilda for season 2.

[alert-note]There are some unanswered questions from first season that season 2 is supposed to come up with.[/alert-note]

Who was Hilda’s father and why wasn’t he introduced in the first season?

This is one of the frequently asked question across the internet about Hilda’s father. There’s no legitimate source claiming the perfect answer but based on the speculation we can say that we might get answer in coming season. Fans are having their own theories in forums like reddit about Hilda’s father being magical and some claiming she has got two mothers.

Finally, all we got to do is wait and watch what happens in next season of Hilda. We might have clarity on, who was her grandfather and why did he build the cabin in the deep forest instead of building house in the city which was nearby and much safer?

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