netflix baki season 1 scene
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Netflix Originals recently released new Japanese anime series “Baki” based on the manga “Baki The Grappler”.

Are you new to Baki? Read everything you need to know about Baki.

Baki is among those type of anime that promises you brutal, bold and violent fights. Baki has a simple concept in its show of martial artist fighting with human engines of destructions who without any reasons kill dozens of people by any means. The mind-blowing and fantastic fight that happens when these two styles of combat clash is what makes the story of the series piece of art.

Netflix’s Baki Season 1 Plot:

The main hero of the story, Baki Hanma trains with intense focus to become strong enough to exceed his father, Yujiro Hanma, the strongest fighter in the world. Five of death row’s most brutal and violent inmates are gathering in force to take on Baki. The excellent premises where human monster gather to fight in true no holds barred fight, demolishing and destroying each other in a wide range of violence. The anime is about the characters and they are incredible and surprising which reminds of the late 80’s and 90’s.

Netflix anime Baki The Grappler
Courtesy of TMS Entertainment and Netflix

Created By: Toshiki Hirano

Stars: Kirk Thornton, Troy Baker, Aaron LaPlante

Number of Season: 1

Number of Episodes: 13

Released Date: 25th June 2018 (Japan)

Released in all other countries where Netflix is available :1st December 2018

IMDb Ratings: 6.8 out of 10

When will Season 2 of “Baki” Release on Netflix?

Yes, without any doubt Netflix will be up with second season of violent and brutal fight series of Baki with many more fun and action. Baki has already released all its episode in Japan where it debuted. The show has released 26 episodes of the anime in Japan. But in other countries only 13 episodes have been released. So, which means rest 13 episodes forming second season will surely be up. Since, all episodes have been aired, Season 2 is supposed to come up in Netflix within a few months.

What will be new in Season 2 of “Baki”?

First season ends with Baki’s girlfriend Kozue being kidnapped by the Russian brute Sikorsky. So, we may see Baki saving his girlfriend with more fighting and more violence story in the show. Baki may also fight with Olivia who was revealed to be a monster combatant if he wishes to be the strongest. We may also encounter with a lot more of action-packed actions and fights.

Watch Trailer of Netflix’s Baki Season 1: