to the bone netflix

Netflix and summer, it is always a good combination for us to get our  popcorn ready and get on the couch while streaming a new anorexic movie, “To The Bone”.

What is synopsis of “To The Bone”?

to the bone netflix original movie
To The Bone Netflix original movie

To The Bone Netflix original movie is written and directed by Marti Noxon. Lily Collins is cast to leading role in the name of Ellen. She is diagnosed with anorexia with eating disorder and she has the fear of gaining weight. She lived her teenage through numerous recovery programs but only finds that she has lost even more pounds by the time she gets 20. But her family is restless to find a cure and so she is sent to a recovery house led by an unconventional Dr. William Beckham, played by Keanu Reeves. Dr. William have some unusual rules at the house and he tries to teach Ellen to live the life and face her fears.


When will To The Bone release on Netflix?

Finally Netflix is releasing the movie in July 14th. And it is the most speculated and discussed show after “13 Reasons Why“. It is a drama/comedy movie with IMDB rating of 8.

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Thus, this is a good movie for us to watch which gives a plenty of inspirational moments. Furthermore it teaches use the way to accept the life with the challenges it has got.