the leftovers
Do you like unsolved mysteries? You’re in for a ride! The Leftovers is a series full of unanswered questions and incomplete storylines. This series makes your brain tick, you question yourself and you question whether there is more to it than what the writers have given you to see.

What is The Leftovers about?

Imagine if 2% of the world vanished into thin air and there’s no explanation of what happened. You don’t know if your loved one is ever coming back or where they are. Would you put your whole life on hold and wait for them, would you grieve or would you move on like nothing ever happened? HBO’s The Leftovers is about a small town police chief and a world where 2% of the population has disappeared. It is the aftermath of a world event that nobody could have ever planned for. The people of Mapleton NY are the focus and the “left-overs” who remain in strained limbo, a trauma that is often acted out in anger, rage and confusion. As they continue to live and work, nothing is resolved. The show isn’t about the ones that vanished, but about the ones that are left. Hence, The Leftovers. The Leftovers’ are dealing and coping with a messed up, out of this world, and unexpected situation they had all been traumatized and their craziness is their response to trauma.

This HBO series is based on the book by same name by Tom Perrota.

Is The Leftovers on Netflix?

No, due to rocky relation between Netflix and HBO, this HBO show isn’t available to watch on Netflix.


Why The Leftovers is not in Netflix?

In case you’re searching for spilling seasons 1, 2 or 3 of The Leftovers on Netflix then tragically, you’ll be in a tough situation wherever on Netflix. For a clarification in the matter of why perused on else, we propose you go and look how to get HBO in some frame.

The HBO demonstrate which started in 2014, starts three years after a worldwide occasion which saw 2% of the total populace vanish. It quick advances three years where widespread factions have jumped up and wherever is on the very edge of bedlam.

The arrangement, albeit exceptionally prevalent, was recharged for its third and last season which at the season of composing, is as of now airing on HBO. That is the reason this question has come up a considerable amount as of late with individuals needing to get up to speed yet tragically, Netflix is not the place.

A tad of a recap for those of you who don’t know about the relationship that HBO and Netflix has. To put it obtusely, there is no working relationship. In the good ‘ol days, HBO plot that they would not get tied up with spilling administrations. This was to some degree shaken when some of their back indexes were added to Amazon Prime in spite of the fact that that hopes to have wrapped up. Especially with Netflix, HBO communicated their aim to never put their titles on the gushing supplier.

This applies to all HBO titles including huge hitters, for example, Girls, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos among numerous other monstrous HBO appears. It clearly sucks this is the situation yet, in any event, this gives you a reason with respect to why it will never be.

An ideal approach to stream HBO shows is to either have an HBO membership or a membership to its HBO Go application. Netflix’s DVD benefit carries seasons 1 and 2 of The Leftovers however on the off chance that you have a membership there.

With respect to comparable titles on Netflix, we very prescribe giving Between prior. The Canadian arrangement likewise concentrates on the vanishing of individuals under various conditions, be that as it may.

Is The Leftovers on Hulu?

Yes, The Leftovers has been available on Hulu since April 1.

Is The Leftovers on Amazon Prime?

Yes, all three seasons of The Leftovers is on Amazon Prime.

Where can I stream and watch The Leftovers?

HBO Go is the best way to watch The Leftovers.

How many seasons are there in The Leftovers?

There are 3 seasons in The Leftovers. The first Season and second season had 10 episodes each while the third season ended with 8 episodes.
Season 1 (2014)
Episode 1- Pilot (aired on June 29, 2014)
Episode 2 – “Penguin One, Us Zero” (aired on July 6, 2014)
Episode 3 – Two Boats and a helicopter (aired on July 13, 2014)
Episode 4 – B.J. and the A.C (aired on July 20, 2014)
Episode 5 – Gladys (aired on July 27, 2014)
Episode 6 – Guest (aired on August 3, 2014)
Episode 7 – Solace for Tired Feet (aired on August 10, 2014)
Episode 8 – Cairo (aired on August 17, 2014)
Episode 9 – The Garveys at Their Best (aired on August 24, 2014)
Episode 10 – The Prodigal Son Returns (aired on September 7, 2014)
Season 2 (2015)
Episode 1- Axis Mundi (aired on October 4, 2015)
Episode 2 – A matter of geography (aired on October 11, 2015)
Episode 3 – Off Ramp (aired on October 18, 2015)
Episode 4 – Orange Sticker (aired on October 25, 2015)
Episode 5 – No room at the inn (aired on November 1, 2015)
Episode 6 – Lens (aired on November 8, 2015)
Episode 7 – A most powerful Adversary (aired on November 15, 2015)
Episode 8 – International Assassin (aired on November 22, 2015)
Episode 9 – Ten Thirteen (aired on November 29, 2015)
Episode 10 – I Live Here Now (aired on December 6, 2015)
Season 3 (2017)
Episode 1- The Book of Kevin (aired on April 16, 2017)
Episode 2 – Don’t be Ridiculous (aired on April 23, 2017)
Episode 3 – Crazy Whitefella thinking (aired on April 30, 2017)
Episode 4 – G’day Melbourne (aired on May 7, 2017)
Episode 5 – It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World (aired on May 14, 2017)
Episode 6 – Certified (aired on May 21, 20174)
Episode 7 – The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother) (aired on May 28, 2017)
Episode 8 – The book of Nora (aired on June 4, 2017)

Will there be season 4 of The Leftovers?

No, Season 3 was the final episode of the series. The series was cancelled and won’t be renewed for further seasons.

What message does The Leftovers gives to Audience?

The leftovers is about the big mystery of existence which is why all our questions are left unanswered. Like life itself, the key to enjoying the show is not trying to figure out the answers but enjoy how the series has been weaved together.

2% of the world may not have disappeared but our life is not that different from this HBO show. We all struggle to make sense of a perplexing world. Many of us – maybe most of us – are traumatized by life at some point. Nora’s struggle is not unlike the aftermath some people experience after a family member commits suicide.

To some degree we all feel that we were left in a place that never makes complete sense, that confounds us, disappoints us and leaves us lost. And we start thinking that the only thing that keeps us sane in this uncertain world is companionship and it’s fragile at best.

Is The Leftovers underrated show?

Yes, only 895,000 people tuned into the Leftovers Season 3 premiere live when it aired, compared to the 7.94 million that watched the GoT Season 6 premiere.

Is The Leftovers worth watching?

The show may not be everybody’s cup of tea, specially not if you like all the answers narrated and handed to you wrapped up in a pretty ribbon. The show has stellar acting, perfect soundtrack and compelling storyline, everything you could ask for in series but most importantly, it makes your head spin and leaves you thinking a long time even after you’ve finished watching it.