The Great
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Hulu Originals, The Great is amongst those shows which earned a huge audience in short amount of time. The show follows extreme humor with great gesture of acting where the humor does not act as slapstick. Also, the sudden unexpected bursting of vulgarity in the middle of speaking adds an extra touch. The Great is a satirical show which pokes fun at other types of shows of this genre. Also, the series has everything in it following from humor, tenderness, drama and intrigue. The comedy is dark, grim, dismissive with intermissions of cruelty and deception.

The Great Season 1 Story Line:

The series starts with Catherine who travels to Russia and becomes the Empress. Catherine realizes that the Emperor of Russia is selfish and extremely hopeless. Catherine tries to seduce and recruit palace Count Orlo. They continue their coup planning and recruit unhappy military general. Also, Catherine distracts from the coup by managing to save her reputation and her relationship. Now the tension starts rising when they try to get regional counts on board with the coup. Peter punishes everyone to find the murderer. So, this brings the entrance of the battle in Russia.

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Cast and Crew Information:

Stars: Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult, Phoebe Fox

Produced By: Tony McNamra

Release Date: 15th May 2020

IMDb Rating: 8.1 out of 10

Rotten Tomato Rating: 88%

The Great Season 2 Release Date and Renewal Status:

Hulu has not made any official announcement regarding the release date of the second season. However, the series comprises of six to seven seasons as told by McNamra to Decider. Also, Fanning to Entertainment Weekly confirmed about the second season of the series. Also, the series is expected to come up with second season within October of 2021. But since the series was ordered in 2019 and it appeared in 2020. The timeline for second season will range from October of 2021 to January of 2022.

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The Great Season 1 Trailer