stranger things seasons 2
stranger things seasons 2

For the hit Netflix series, “Stranger Things”, nothing was ever going back to normal and things are getting strange again. Its a halloween gift from Netflix to all the super fans of the series as Netflix plans to release Stranger Things season 2 on October 27.

stranger things season 2
stranger things season 2

What’s “Stranger Things” all about?

“Stranger Things” which is coming soon to Netflix this October for second season was created by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer that turned out to be a sleeper hit last summer for Netflix. It is about a gathering of children in the 1980s who become involved with an unnerving puzzle including a supernatural young girl known as Eleven, other world dimensions, and a creature unleashed on their residential community. Viewer of the the series have their very interesting perspective about the show. This Netflix original series is much anticipated and Netflix plans to reveal all the nine episode of Strangers Things season second on October 27th.


Will there be more season for Stranger Things?

Yes, the co-creators have said that they will be putting up for about four or five season of the series. A lot to look forward to.

stranger things season 2
stranger things season 2

What are the Season 2 episode titles?

  1. Madmax
  2. The Boy Who Came Back To Life
  3. The Pumpkin Patch
  4. The Palace
  5. The Storm
  6. The Pollywog
  7. The Secret Cabin
  8. The Brain
  9. The Lost Brother

Watch the Stranger Things trailer for season 2 below:-

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