courtesy of The CW Television Network

Riverdale is the TV series based on the characters from Archie comics. The CW’s first season is about the sudden and mysterious death of Jason Blossom; a local student and a football player. So this tv show revolves around teen age life problems with romance, schools and mystery.

Why to Watch Riverdale?

It is based on teen age school surroundings which adds up nice drama and thriller to it, slowly unravelling the mystery. We were getting a feeling that season 1 was not able to get lot of viewers to it. However, once you get the taste you will be hooked onto it as it runs smoothly through out the season. So, due to that very reason viewers are waiting for season 2 to release.

Is Riverdale on Netflix?

First of all, it’s a good news for you guys that season 1 with it’s 13 episode is already in Netflix, which you can binge watch. Furthermore, Netflix release date for season 2 is  set to be on October 11th, 2017. Hence it is only few months from season 1 and we will be watching season 2 of the show on Netflix. Consequently, season 2 will be having 22 episodes, making it 9 more episodes than season 1.

Riverdale Season 2 Trailer: