Netflix Hilda
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Netflix’s Hilda, an original animated series, tells the story of a fierce British girl with blue hair who befriends forest spirits of all sorts in the town of Trolberg and jumps off to magical journeys. Based on Luke Pearson’s Eisner award nominated graphic novel, the artistic aesthetics and story of the series are perfectly attached to its graphic novel. This show is a lovely tale of a weird and wild girl. The whole thing is absolutely intriguing! The style, the soundtrack, the creatures and the main character has such an interesting personality! It’s obvious to the eyes that a lot of time, effort and care was put into drawing every single frame.

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What’s so good about Netflix’s Hilda?

With lot of people asking if Hilda is a good Netflix show, we have got it covered. This show has everything a good children’s show needs: interesting story, well-written characters, lovely visuals and what’s most important – aversion of old clichés. For instance, Hilda’s mum actually plays a prominent role in the story and takes part in Hilda’s adventures unlike in traditional kid’s shows where kids do everything behind their parents’ backs. Another example is how Hilda’s friendship with Frida and David does not happen promptly and does not begin with a fight like most stories. Each episode ends with an interesting twist that affects the rest of the series which makes the episodes of the series weave together cohesively.

Netflix’s HILDA: A strong female protagonist

Netflix's Hilda
Courtesy: Netflix

Voiced by non-other than Bella Ramsey aka Lady Mormont from Game of Thrones, Hilda herself is brave, fun, open-hearted, she can tell the right from wrong and she is surrounded by good humans and non-humans. She seems to be able to easily befriend anyone, even the strangest creatures. This weird, wild girl reminds us that we don’t need to change to fit in.

Is Hilda similar to Gravity Falls?

A lot of comparison has been made between Hilda and Gravity Falls. Gravity Falls is amazing in its own way but if we had to compare, Hilda is much better. Gravity Falls can be clichéd at times while Hilda averts all the clichés. Another thing that makes Hilda better is how it has English humor rather than the American humor that we’re accustomed to; such as jokes about bureaucracy and the most common British subject – tea.

Is Hilda a children’s show?

Netflix’s Hilda may come off as a cutesy little show for youngsters but as story develops, we realize that there are some dark sides to it as well. To quote Netflix, Hilda is “an incredible animated adventure for older kids.” That extends to anyone who is still a kid at heart, so feel no shame in binge watching this show. It’s definitely a must watch for anyone who loves folklores and fairy tales. We recommend it for all ages!

First episode date: September 21, 2018
Network: Netflix
IMDb rating: 8.8/10
Program creator: Luke Pearson
Genre: Fantasy
Language: British English

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