always a witch
Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix has recently came up with Colombian series of witch entering the modern world for her and her love. The beautifully visualized series gives a close look to the slavery system of Colombia. The Colombian series is available worldwide and is being loved by all the viewers worldwide.

Season 1 Story line:

A young modern witch from 17th century time-travels to the future to save herself and the man she loves. While she was being burned at stake in 17th century, she escapes from death and finds herself in the future which is the modern world of today. The question that remains is can she be able to sail along the modern world with the activities that takes place in today’s world?

Season 1 Overall Conclusion:

The first Colombian series of Colombian witch which is not only entertaining but also has a solid production value. The series is successful in providing the viewers the Colombian feel of perfect culture and colonial history. From the stake burning to Carmen’s arrival at carnival atmosphere beach side celebration, the story and character not only held the interest but beyond the limits. Being a paranormal television series, it provides thrilling and fearful experience which many series lack to provide. The show is highly recommendable because it provides the mix of romance, action, mystery, drama and delight.

The series didn’t miss the single opportunity to show slavery, colorism, women right with very rare appearance of an Afro-Latina lead. The protagonist smile and the images of the show does an excellent job in describing the cultural wealth of the Colombian coast and Cartagena. The protagonist of the series did well in explaining the horrible history of the slavery that existed in Colombia. The perfectly blended two worlds, past and present to make a super excited story is full of thrilling episodes that keeps the viewers to watch the series till the end.

Creator of the series: Ana Maria Parra

Stars: Angely Gaviria, Sebastian Eslava, Luis Fernando Hoyos

Season 1 Released Date: 1st February 2019

Number of Episodes: 10

IMDb Rating: 6.4 out of 10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: No Rating Available

Will there be Season 2 of Colombian thriller series “Always a Witch”?

The Colombian series “Always a Witch”, released in 2019 is yet to be confirmed about the cancellation or release. The series since it is just released, the fans may have to wait bit longer for the status to be confirmed by Netflix. Netflix will first see the popularity of the series and the impact it created around the corners of the world. Also, the thrilling series grabbed racial controversy which may make a little impact for the release date of second season (To know about the controversy click here). The good news for the witch fans is that the series is not dubbed as limited series. This means the show heads up keeping in mind for its future seasons.

If Netflix receives it expected result, the new season will be out within the first two months of 2020. That means the witch will be within the modern world again in 2020.

Any new news about the renewal status of “Always a Witch” will be posted on the page as soon as the information is out. Also to know the lists of all DC’s, HBO’s, Netflix’s shows of 2018 that got Renewal or Cancellation status Click Here.

If you haven’t watched the trailer, you can watch below: