russian doll
Picture Source: Netflix

The brand new Netflix series called the ‘Russian Doll’ stars Natasha Lyonne as the main character of the show. What can be more interesting than seeing our very own Lyonne once again in the screen. Lyonne also co-created Russian Doll (with Amy Poehler and genius indie director Leslye Headland) and wrote many of its episodes. And she directed the season finale. If you’ve been looking for an incredibly efficient Natasha Lyonne delivery, this is the series for you!


The story revolves around Nadia (Lyonne), a woman who becomes trapped by most unusual circumstances, then works to figure a way out of them. So, the show starts with Nadia celebrating her 36th birthday, yet so unclear and unhappy about many aspects of her life. She seems uncertain and unsure about many things which unfolds as the show proceeds further. Then she realizes that she keeps dying, then abruptly returning to the start of her birthday party. She might make it as long as a whole day past the reset point, but she always dies again eventually. The more loops she goes through, the more she starts to remember her past loops, which leads to a hysterically funny montage in episodes to come.

Creator of the series: Natasha Lyonne , Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland

Stars: Natasha Lyonne, Charlie Barnett, Greta Lee

Released Date:1st February 2019

Number of Episodes: 8

IMDb Rating: 8 out of 10

Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 96%


At first,  the premise of the show might seem quite simple and limited to you but starting  episode 3 and 4 it takes a different turn than expected. As we watch more and more episodes it becomes something entirely new but it doesn’t change its tone and keeps the basic character structure which is one of the best parts of the show. It provides the audience with an extraordinary touch than the usual expectations from this kind of genre. The storytelling is so brilliant that even when the whole premise of the show changes direction  in the middle. the viewers still are interested in watching it.

Natasha Lyonne in a scene from “Russian Doll.” Courtesy of Netflix

Why would we watch the same story line again where the main lead lives the same day over and over again? The first answer to this question is that the show is really funny to watch. The mention of Amy Poehler alone states the fact that the humor in the show is incredibly good. The character interaction also makes the show worth watching. Seeing Nadia live certain days over and over, so to see them interacting in different ways in something new than in movies of similar premise. If the Natasha Lyonne was not in the show the review


Will there be another season?  Netflix follows the same yearly churn as the networks – all those actors and crew are in the same industry after all – so let’s say February 2020 and hope it sticks.