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Lupin, A Netflix greatest heist series of 2021 is a propulsive and very cleverly made series. One of the most addictive show following the mixture elements of Luther, Inside Man and Sherlock Holmes for mind-blowing experience. The series gives the balanced amount of intrigue to keep user seated from the very beginning of the episode. High-budget series with excellent shots of portrayals and a good amount of suspense provides the series with extremely new dimension.Lupin is a modern homage to the stories which follows action, suspense, conspiracy sleek, gripping with enough emotional depth and power. The series is completely enjoyable with action-drama and a pack of comedy. Also, the flashbacks from the start of the chapters connect the plot line tightly into a beautiful narration.

Story Line of the Series:

The series is an inspiration from the adventures of Arsene Lupin, a thief who avenges his father for an injustice inflicted by a rich and wealthy family. The chapters start from a tragic injustice which happened years ago. Assane tends to clear a score and a debt by making a heist of the diamond necklace. But the heist turns out completely in another direction. So, Assane creates a plot to contact Comet. Comet, an inmate gets him to a clue about the demise of Babakar.

Also, Anne finds a way to come clean about the past. As the chapter forwards, Assane tells the Commissioner and plants a plan to divert the police completely. Also, Babakar’s and Anne connection comes to light. For retrieving incriminating evidence against Hubert, Assane takes the help of a journalist. Also, the office in charge starts to connect the missing dots around the heist. Assane faces an unwelcomed figure and sends a message to Captain Laugier.

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Interview with Omar Sy

Stars and Rating of Lupin:

Starring: Omar Sy, Vincent Londez, Antoine Gouy

Created By: George kay

Release Date: Jan 8, 2021

IMDb Rating: 7.8 out of 10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 100%

Lupin Part 2 Release Date and Status:

Netflix has confirmed the second part of the Lupin with 5 episodes. The second part is all set to release within the interval of 6 months. Since the streaming giant Netflix, released the seasons in part rather than episodes. This confirms that the filming ready and the next part is ready to air. The fact that the Netflix released the Lupin into parts is that the user binges readily on the small packed series. So, the next part of the series will be available within April to May of 2021.

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Official Trailer of Lupin

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