I know you are looking for an easy way to watch your favorite Golden Globe winner series. You are wondering whether True Blood is on Netflix or not. Unfortunately, as of now you will NOT be able to stream True Blood on Netflix or Hulu. So, you might now wonder how can I watch True Blood online?

You are in very good luck if you are an AMAZON PRIME member. True blood season 1-6 is available to stream for the PRIME user for free (btw you are paying for your membership for amazon at some point :D).

It is an HBO Original, so you can always watch it online with your HBO subscription. HBO Go premiered True Blood and having a subscription for that one is the easiest way to get to watch True Blood on any of your streaming devices, whether its your smart TV or your gadgets.


Now lets get into our Q & A category for all the quick information you need:

Is True Blood on Netflix ?

The answer is unfortunately NO.

Is there a similar series like True Blood on Netflix ?

The Order is about the new werewolves show which is coming soon in Netflix.

Is True Blood on HULU ?

No again. Sorry for that.

Is True Blood on Amazon ?

Yay. Finally you found where it is. You’re in more luck if you are Prime subscriber. Watch it for free now.

Is True Blood on iTunes ?

Yes. But you need to pay 4 bucks per episode or 24 bucks per season.

(A secret. Do you have Sling subscription. Its an online TV streaming company and you can get HBO Go for $15 plus a Sling base subscription of $20. A lot of entertainment for $35.)

Now, it’s up to you to choose the best way for you to get your TRUE BLOOD.