Netflix Original Series Dark
courtesy : Netflix

Season 1 Storyline:

Two children from the same small town of the Germany disappear suddenly one after another. This incident reminds four families the same incident that happened 33 years ago. The mystery connects to the dark secret that the town is holding. The incident binds four families where they start searching for the answers behind those incidents.

Season 1 Conclusion:

The series is filmed in such a wonderful way that it slowly and strongly explores the labyrinth of secrets of the town. This series amazingly relates two world past and present with multiple character involving at different age. To maintain such complicated and difficult things it is very hard. It is among those type of series which not only have truly intriguing aspects. But also, it has a lot more of an emotional hook to make the series truly standout show.

German Thriller “Dark” is amongst those of show which stays with you for a long time even after you have finished watching the series. The marvelous beauty and silence of the story raises the series to the level of truly fine drama. Extreme level of twists and suspense makes the series more exciting to watch without even taking a break. Although being slow paced in the beginning, when the story starts to unfold its secrets you won’t find anything fast moving like this series. The acting, sounds and cinematography is so great that it keeps you on the edge of the seat every single moment.

Creator of the series: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese

Stars: Oliver Masucci, Jordis Triebel, Karoline Eichhorn, Louis Hofmann, Maja Schone

Released Date:1st December 2017

Number of Episodes: 10

IMDb Rating: 8.6 out of 10

Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 88%

Is the series Dark a copy of Stranger Things?

The German series “Dark” is completely different regarding series “Stranger Things”. This series is only felt like Stranger Things but is not exactly. The series “Dark” has different presentation, moral and event of action in its story whereas “Stranger Things” have different presentation, moral and event of action. It tends to provide different knowledge to the viewers whereas Stranger Things tends to provide different knowledge.

When will Netflix come up with Season 2 of the German series Dark?

Netflix has not given any official statement or confirmation regarding the release date of second season till now. But Oliver Masucci in his tweet clearly mentioned that the new season will be available from about June of 2019. So, Netflix may drop new season of Dark in June where all the fans are eagerly waiting for going into the future.



What Will Be New In The Dark Season 2 for Netflix Audience?

Season Second will have many changes in its characters. The side characters will have more focus and main roles giving the perfect story of the past . Also, Olivier Masucci may have end to his role giving the proper explanation. Since, the season ended showing up the scene of the future, a lot more of interesting stuffs are to be taken place and showed.