The Haunting of Hill House Ending Explained
Courtesy of Netflix

Horror movies and series that are accompanied by a mysterious story line is something many people can’t resist watching. Even though we get scared with the mere thought or mention of the word ghost, we still try so hard to search for the best horror movies online. Horror films in the recent times have become nothing but a disappointment. It is very hard to find a movie that makes you feel scary let alone the sudden jump scares.

A new horror series has emerged in the market for all the horror genre fans. Netflix’s original ‘The haunting of hill house’, has become one of the most watched series online.


The Haunting of Hill House is horror and psychological thriller series whose story revolves around the lives of five siblings who grew up in the most famous haunted house in America. This Netflix’s original is based on the famous novel written by Shirley Jackson and created by Mike Flanagan. The ten-episode series is about the Crain family, who moves into a big mansion and over the course of their stay, the family members feel supernatural things going on inside the house. Each episode shows the flashback between past and present of the five kids whose lives are forever altered due to their dreadful childhood experiences in the haunted hill house.


Hill House is an average creepy mansion in the middle of nowhere which acts like a living entity and a source of evil in the series. Anyone unlocking enough to enter its doors is targeted by the house, feeding on them before influencing them to take their own lives and becoming another specter doomed to roam around the halls of the house for eternity.

Time doesn’t move linearly within the walls of hill house. With the past and future occurring all at once, allowing cross over between moments even if separated by years. This is first established with Nelly learning that she was the same bent neck lady that terrified all her life. All the visions that she had over the years were the doing of the house and it was those visions that led Nelly to hang herself as a self-fulfilling prophecy of the house. The house claims its victims by influencing their behaviors, more or less driving them mad and convincing them to take their own lives. It was the same faith that befell Olivia too.


In the last episode all the four siblings gather inside the red room where their dead sister Nelly comes as a spirit and tells them that she figured what was there behind the doors of the always closed red room.

Credit : Steve

The red room acts as the stomach of the house, there it slowly feeds on its victims by presenting a false sense of security. As such the red room could take various forms, one for the each of the family members. Like Olivia’s reading room, Theo’s dance studio and Steve’s game room. In each case, the room changes its appearance to suit each of the kids. These rooms were a place of comfort and security for them which the it took the advantage of to slowly feed from them as there are no true save rooms in the hill house.


Creator Mike Flanagan doesn’t seem opposed to the idea of a next Season given the popularity of the show but it seems it will not the feature the Crains.