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Bodyguard, a BBC thriller, stays a gripping and thoroughly entertaining adventure that’s absolutely brilliant. While Bodyguard lists itself as a thriller, at its core, it’s that old favorite of the British isles. The police procedural – and crucially, even when it’s just going through the procedures, it stays engaging. Thrilling storytelling and extraordinary acting performance by the cast makes the whole experience intriguing. The series advances very nicely, highly engaging, and a wild ride from start to finish. Also, the series is a solid combination of packed with intriguing and action-packed storytelling.

Bodyguard has a classic thriller plot with firm acting, great dialogue lines, and top cinematography. The series has strong acting, well-written dialogue, strong acting, and direction. The show is strong enough to be binge-watch. Bodyguard truly deserves all the awards nominations it got. The nomination includes all the big award shows like Golden Globes, Emmy’s, etc. Also, Bodyguard is a great action thriller that will grab you from the first episode.

Storyline of Bodyguard:


The series starts with a story of a sergeant David Budd. Budd is promoted to a personal protector of the UK home secretary. The sergeant quickly clashes with the politicians around. The series shows the mentality of the soldier who stayed in the war for a very long time. Sergeant kids get attacked in the school, which pulls the attention. Home secretary Julia Montague worries about the leaks happening in the department. Julia stands in the line of fire herself. The sergeant feels mounting pressure to spy against her. Bud has to face the interview and the questions regarding the shooting. Investigators grow increasingly suspicious of the sergeant, which affects the state of mind of the sergeant. Now the agent starts putting the piece together to find out the person behind the bombing. After the Budd connection with the shooter comes to light, the police start chasing him.

Cast Information and Release Date:

Stars: Richard Madden, Keeley Hawes, Gina McKee

Creator: Jed Mercurio

Release Date: 24th October 2018

IMDb Rating: 8.1 out of 10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 93%

Renewal Status and Release date for Second Season:

The series is amongst those who indeed created a sensation around the globe. The series hooked more than 11 million audiences right after the first season drop. The ill king from the Games of Thrones has once again shown his brilliance. Netflix has not made any confirmation regarding the release of the second season. Also, many websites refer to this series as a limited series, which is false. The series will be up for its second season in a short time. Bodyguard not only from the audience but from the politicians and Queen of London received colossal love. So there is no chance of stoppage for the second season of the show. The series will undoubtedly drop its second season within 2021. Also, Richard has never mentioned the series to become the limited series.

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