secret life of Walter Mitty

Humankind since the beginning of the evolution have stepped up the ranks only because of the raw thirst of knowledge, and quenching it from various sources. Traveling brought us this far. Travel has been a part of human evolution.

I bet we all wanted a nomadic life every once in a while. To get out of your formals, to shut your PCs down, to clear away your desks like in those fancy movies- to pack and leave, to get away and get lost. Well, here’s some inspiration for you. Following is the list of 10 top notch travel movies, that’ll pump you adrenaline and brig out that raw wanderlust in you.

1. Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Journalism and travel… Not everyone is such lucky. Well, Walter a full time dreamer and a magazine employee goes to Greenland to search a lost photo for the magazine. Well, you’d do whatever you can to even just step anywhere Mitty did.

2. Into The Wild

We all at least once wanted to cut loose of everything we had, ties from family, all these bonds and the hectic life we are living in, grab a bag and run wildly to the unknown. Well, in ‘Into the Wild’ Christopher McCandless does exactly the same, shaping himself up with the encounters throughout his journey. If not going underground, this movie is certain to help you get away for the weekend or a month. And the amazing part- this is based on a book, written on a true story.

3. Wild

The name itself is enough. When life strangles us from all around. When even the air we breathe is heavy- the only way out is going wild. Not running, but giving yourself some time. After her mother dies, her drug addiction and a broken marriage, Cheryl Strayedeads heads out on a 1,100-mile solo hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Well, this ‘must see’ will teach you how to hike first of all, and how going wild would heal you.

4. Hector and the Search for Happiness

If you are busy and have hesitation in planning a vacation, I bet you’ll get going hereafter this movie. Adapted from the Novel of same name, Simon Pegg a renowned psychiatrist leaves away his schedule on his desk and sets out on world tour. He finds love too. Not much but a true Inspiration.

5. The Way

A loving father goes to Europe after to get hold of his son’s ashes who died on The St. James trial and then decides to complete what his son had started. A tale of love, affections, dreams and how wandering binds them all, this movie is sure to get you off of your seat an ram up your essentials in a bag to get out.

6. One Week

Although cancer in stage four is something unpleasant to discuss, ‘One Week’ will definitely push you to the stage where you’ll have enough determination and motivation to get going somewhere you always wanted to go. Ben Tyler, after being detected with stage four cancer, sets out on a motorbike ride across Canada against the wishes of his fiancee Samantha. He stops at various landmarks- each we’d want to go to, searching for significance in life as he travels from Toronto to Vancouver Island.

7. The Bucket List

No bad movie when we see Freeman right? And well, who can make friends in a hospital room? That too a mechanic with a corporate billionaire? Again, cancer is unpleasant, but this hospital made unlikely pair get their asses out of the cancer ward and start traveling to check their bucket list off. This will definitely make an impact on your bucket list- adding places, and crossing off many.

8. Euro Trip

High school is probably the prime time where your wanderlust starts shaping. A 2004 travel masterpiece, this movie is a story of a high school graduate who jumps onboard to embark an overseas adventure in Europe with his friends, after being dumped by his girlfriend.

9. The Darjeeling Limited

If the Himalayas always attracted you, and diversity is what you love, this story set on India will blow your mind away. A perfect lesson on how travel helps people connect, this is a story of three alienated brothers who gather at their father’s funeral. Traveling across the country in train, they bond back again with huge rise and fall. To those traveling by air, this movie will also push you back to traveling on land again.

10. Vicky Christina Barcelona

A romantic comedy drama, this movie is set on the beautiful city of Barcelona. Two American women Vicky and Christina set feet to Barcelona for a whole summer where an artist is attracted to both of them. Beautiful cinematography and the setting is sure to bring out the travel beast in you.