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We hear people being in a toxic relationship all the time. One of the most difficult situations in life is when you have an over possessive and controlling partner that neither lets you give up on the relationship nor lets you be happy. Do you ever imagine yourself being with a narcissist psychopath?

What would your reaction be if the person you’re in love with turns out to be a homicidal stalker?

Netflix’s current new hit ‘You’ : Your Next Obsession, is a psychological thriller series that will provide you with an insight on how your life can turn out in case you end up with a psycho lover. ‘You’ is based on the novel written by Caroline Kepnes in 2014. Initially it was released in Lifetime but due to the lack of audience it couldn’t gain popularity as much as it is now gaining via Netflix. The series has a total of ten episodes.

Spoiler Alert!! Summary of Season One…

The story starts with the narration by the lead male character Joe Goldberg when he sees the female lead Guinevere Beck searching for a book inside the bookstore where he works. When he starts with the phrase ‘Who are you’, it feels like he isn’t describing Beck but talking to us instead and therefore begins an unsettlingly creepy feeling for nine other episodes.

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg watching over Beck
Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg watching over Beck

After their first encounter at the bookstore Joe starts stalking Beck through her social media. He starts to gather all the small information about her and uses those info’s to get close with her. He makes her believe that he is different than the other guys she has dated so far. Joe’s small crush starts turning into a very scary obsession. He starts seeing all the people in Beck’s life as a threat to their relationship.

He develops this theory that Beck needed to be saved from all the people around her be it her professor, therapist or even her best friend. When he finds about a guy that she had been dating, he locks the guy down in the basement and after a few days ends up killing him. The way he uses social media to manipulate everyone just makes you want to question on the era of technology we live in.

Now you must be thinking how scary can a romantic love story get right? Well, the tension and thriller get more intense here forth. You will not binge for a sec as he then proceeds to kill Beck’s best friend Peach. The thing that makes you tighten your fist every time you watch this series is that Beck stays unaware about all the events till the very end. The story has a surprise ending as Joe Goldberg starts eliminating every obstacle that comes his way.

What do you think happens to Beck? Do watch it for yourself in Netflix.

Will there be a season 2 of ‘You’?

Yes! Netflix has confirmed that ‘You’ will come up with a second season as Netflix’s original. The season 2 will air sometime in 2019 with ten episodes like season one.