Netflix and Chill with the Obamas

By Pete Souza/White House.

If you think Obama was the coolest President, he will also be producing shows with Netflix which will appear alongside shows like Stranger Things: a series about teenagers fighting demogorgons and Orange is the new black: female felons in orange jumpsuits! Obama is at it again!

Barack Obama has never been immune to the millennial pop culture. From tweeting his own memes

Barack Obama tweeting his own meme
Courtesy : Snapshot taken from Barack Obama’s official twitter page.

to now creating shows with Netflix he fits in better than most teenagers do.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have entered into a multi-year agreement to produce films and series for Netflix.
Courtesy : Snapshot taken from Netflix US official twitter page

Barack and Michelle Obama has established a production company called “Higher Ground Production” to produce content for Netflix. These shows are believed to include scripted and non-scripted series, docu-series, documentaries and the likes which will highlight issues the president went through during his 8 years at the Oval Office. These shows however, will not be biased and Netflix assures this by saying we are not “The Obama Network.”

Obama was only fifty-five when he left the White House so naturally a lot of people wondered what he would be doing in the years to come. Who knew he’d partner up with Netflix! He has also made an appearance on Netflix before with David Letterman where he showed just how laid-back he could be with his playfulness and witty sense of humor.

But, could it just be another politicized progressive agenda?

Though it has been repeated time and again that these shows will be politically unbiased, we cannot simply believe everything they tell us. Let’s keep a sharp eye out for any liberal propaganda while we patiently wait to binge watch and keep up with the Obamas.