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Netflix series “Altered Carbon” gets a green signal for its second season. “Altered Carbon Season 2” is confirmed for its renewal for second season. Altered carbon release date is out.

Altered Carbon Season 1 Storyline:

The series based on a fascinating story which involves murder, sex, love and betrayal. Also, it follows the classic novel by Richard K Morgan called “Altered Carbon” . A prisoner comes back to life in a new body where he must solve a mind-blending murder case to win his freedom.

Altered Carbon Season 1 Conclusion:

Altered Carbon is a frankly amazing Sci-fi series, full of great twists, characters and amazing visual symbolism. The series works, entertains, has enough striking elements and a balanced rhythm between action, dialogues, powerful visual scenes and background. The story re-explains freshly the personal and social cost of living forever. The interlace of the characters relationships, the moral flexibility of everlasting suffering is the main attraction of the series. Also, the pace of revelations in this series is handled well. It strikes a good balance between too little context and information and too much.

altered carbon season 1 conclusion
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The show is bold, bloody and does not shy away from nudity which really sells the dystopian future. The story also tries to explore the potential philosophical and religious issues associated with the technology but never goes too deep into it. Despite being a Sci-Fi series, it raises many good existential questions. The actors are on top as well, there´s great drama, there´s sex, intrigues, lots of action, and lots of violence. The pace and character development till the end with a great finale that leaves you satisfied and craving for more.

Creator of the Series: Laeta Kalogridis

Stars: Martha Higareda, Tamara Taylor, James Purefov

Season 1 Release Date: 2nd February 2018

Number of Episodes in Season 1: 10

IMDb Rating: 8.2 out of 10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 66%

Altered Carbon Release Date:

The short video about the confirmation of second season is out. The series has been renewed for an 8-episode second season which have big changes. The series was renewed for second season in July 2018. The filming of second season starts from February 2019. That means, we can expect the dropping of second season in late 2019 or in the beginning of 2020.

Also, Netflix announced an anime series for the series “Altered Carbon”. The series will come from anime studio Anima. Dai Soto and Tsukasa Kondo will write the script for the anime series.

Cast Information for Season 2 of Altered Carbon:

Renée Elise Goldsberry as Quellcrist Falconer and Chris Conner as Poe. Joel Kinnaman will not return to play lead character Kovacs. Anthony Mackie will play the role of Kovacs. Also, Luke Cage’s Simone Missick, Daredevil’s Dina Shihabi, Torben Liebrecht and James Saito will be back for second season.

altered carbon netflix cast
Anthony Mackie will star in Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon.’

Cast Announcement Teaser: