13 Reasons Why is the Netflix network adaptation of the book written by Jay Asher adapted by Brian Yorkey under the same name. Books came out ages ago and most of the population didn’t read it because of its very emotional and upsetting synopsis. The plot revolves around open to life high school girl and her friends and a box of cassette tapes recorded by Hannah before her suicide detailing thirteen reasons why she ended her life.

Newcomer Katherine Langford beautifully justifies her character as a 17 years old teen girl Hannah Baker who mysteriously takes her own life after suffering a series of demoralizing and disturbing circumstances brought on by select individuals at her school. There were no notes, no reasons why until a classmate named Clay Jensen portrayed exceptionally well by Dylan Minnette finds a mysterious shoe box on his porch containing the tapes. The box was filled with 13 tapes recorded by Hannah herself explaining why she did what she did. Clay takes on the journey to find out the reasons for Hannah’s suicide as she was more than a friend to him. Clay’s quest for finding the real truth clearly sums up the relation between them.


The structure of the show is really appealing. There are 13 episodes, each episode is the one side of cassette tape and it focuses on one person in her miserable life that did something wrong to her treated her ill and how they played part in her ultimate suicide. As the story unfolds, the real truths came out as storms. As the story moves from point A to point B, all the stuff, truths and reasons spill out affecting the each and every life circled around her life.

The progression of the story is in a steady way, explaining bits and bytes of characters, talking about their own life and association with Hannah on a personal level. In the first couple of episodes, you fell like “really, that’s one of the reasons that drove you to this” but as you watch you see one thing after another, building on top of each other and how hard it becomes for her to survive High school. Each episode is full of suspense and mystery, what they did to Hannah which leads to such a miserable situation.

Written By: Nabeen Gajurel